Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting the Kids Back to School After Break Time

Everyone has a tough time getting back into the swing of reality after the holidays. After all how much fun is it to be able to stay up late, play with friends and do no home work...The key to getting your child to feel happy about going to school after the holidays is to make every day feel like a mini holiday.

If your child is in primary school, plan one fun activity with them every day. Make sure you prime your child for the fun activity before they go back to school, so that the have something to look forward to when returning to school. This activity can range from building something, baking, playing with a favorite toy, gardening, painting, dancing to some music, you name it. Whatever you choose, make it fun for the both of you, and make sure to have all the materials ready for the first day of school. This will help you to enjoy your day more, and create a much nicer environment for the entire family. It will also help keep your child from dreading going back to school.

If your child is in high school, help them to nurture positive friendships, and think of safe/fun activities for them. Encourage and enable them togather materials they need for their activities. Even if they have an after school job, the key to enjoying life is to make some self time every day. The younger one is when they learn it, the better set up they are to having a life filled with fun and laughter.

Instilling fun in ones day everyday is the key to life long success, and a happy family. Having fun and being successfull go hand in hand.

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