Sunday, March 3, 2013

How long should you wait before your relationship becomes physical?

Many women believe that if they don’t want to lose a man. they better hurry up and sleep with him. Despite the fact that they may want to connect on a deep emotional level, many women mistakenly believe that the way to connect emotionally with a man is through the physical connection first. In truth, what happens when sex comes into play too early is that the relationship runs the risk of remaining in the physical realm and consequently runs a strong risk of ending abruptly because the depth isn’t there to sustain it.

 The best way to build a relationship that has the potential to last, is to start by creating an emotional connection first. By focusing on the emotional aspects of a relationship and making sure that a strong connection exists, the couple can then enter the physical realm without fear of the relationship ending suddenly. The emotional connection facilitates healthy communication enabling the couple to create trust and belief that the relationship has a solid future.

If a couple are physically intimate before the emotional bond is created, it often causes them to forgo the emotional relationship entirely, because intimacy has been created without the use of words. Couples then often find it difficult to return to an emotional connection because things become assumed instead of discussed. It often will feel strange for the couple to revert to verbal communication when the physical has come before the emotional. In fact, couples often use sex, or physical touch to smooth out difficulties rather than use words. Physical intimacy alone has a limited lifespan. An emotional connection is vital to ensure that mutual understanding and empathy develop in a healthy and sustainable way.

 Micki Lavin-Pell,